The Directors Bureau


Music videos are all fun and good and great promotional vehicles for artists and directors alike. But what really pay the bills are commercials. Founded in 1996 by Mike Mills and Roman Coppola, The Directors Bureau is a multidisciplinary production company that represents an incredible list of directors including M Blash, Sofia Coppola, Romain Gavras, Geoff McFetridge, Shynola, Aaron Rose, and others. The music videos that come from this group usually make headlines, most recently Romain Gavras’s video for M.I.A. However, when it comes to television adverts, the creators take a back seat while the brand takes precedence. This is where The Director’s Bureau’s archives come in handy, showcasing the directors’ advert portfolios with clients ranging from Cheetos to YSL. Sometimes it’s a welcome like Sofia Coppola’s “Miss Dior Cherie” while other times unexpected, like Aaron Roses’s Clorox commercial. Regardless of your stance on art versus advertising, it’s interesting to see both sides, after all, not everyone can be Ian Mackaye.