By Tom Ran

Published: May 16, 2014 under Art

psychylustro by artist Katharina Grosse

Photo: Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

psychylustro by artist Katharina Grosse

Public art can be a tricky thing. As an artist, one wants unrestricted expression. As a committee who decides on what artwork to show in public space it must appeal to everyone. The result can be bland and uninteresting. However, the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program has been able to achieve both by commission artist with progressive ideas. Stephen Powers’s Love Letter to Philadelphia was commissioned by the organization and many more murals throughout the city. This time they’ve worked with Amtrak and German artist Katharina Grosse to create a series of murals along Amtrak’s Northeast rail corridor. Grosse’s colorful paint splattered imagery often uses industrial spray guns to execute her work. This result is fitting for the project. psychylustro is a seven-part mural that inhabits abandon factories, chain link fences, bridges and even plant life. The artwork will be taken care of for the next six months by the program but after that it’s left to its elements.


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