Pioneers of Change

By Tom Ran

Published: August 20, 2009 under Art


Photo: Experimental JetSet


Pioneers of Change is shaping up to be one of the more amazing events for NY400. We mentioned it a few weeks ago but more information has been released including the participants. We’re especially interested in seeing what Marije Vogelzang, the conceptual food maker, will be contributing to the project. Since Renny Ramakers is behind Pioneers of Change, many of the events will be conceptually driven. This includes taking the idea of the slow food movement to literal form with elderly people serving smaller portions of food from far away places and larger portions from more local regions.

2012 Architecten, Atelier NL,Maarten Baas, Franck Bragigand, Droog with Marije Vogelzang, Herman Verkerk, Rianne Makkink and Hansje van Halem, Experimental Jetset, Pascale Gatzen, Christien Meindertsma, MVRDV and The Why Factory with Work Architecture Company, Painted, Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen, Arthur Elsenaar & Taconis Stolk, Parsons The New School for Design, Platform 21, Marcel Schmalgemeijer, NL Architects and Michael Schoner, Richard Hutten, Atelier van Lieschout, and Chris Kabel

Pioneers of Change will occur over two weekends September 11 through September 20.


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