Art Barter

By Tom Ran

Published: December 9, 2010 under Art

Art Barter New York

Photo: Art Barter

Art Barter New York

We recently started seeing bartering as a means of transaction. Last month during Printed Matter’s Art Book Fair we witnessed several publishers and the graphic design school from the Netherlands, Werkplaats, doing this. Today will see an opening of an art exhibition arranged by Art Barter. The organization started in 2009 with their first show in London and moved on to Berlin in June of this year. The exhibition liberates itself from the standards of traditional art shows. All the artworks will be on display without any credit associated to them and the public is encouraged to make a non-monetary offer on the pieces. The offers are then evaluated by the artist at the end of the show and will be decide whether or not it is worth trading for. The exhibition includes Tim Barber, Terrance Koh, Bruce High Quality, and others. Art Barter opens today from noon till 6pm and will run until 12th of December at NP Contemporary Art Centre, 131 Chrystie Street.


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