Process Type Foundry

By Aaron Carambula

Published: December 18, 2008 under Design

Photo: Mike Perry, New York Times

We respect craft in the many form it takes—precision engineering, delicate handicraft, spontaneous creativity expressed by the hands of an expert. In Process Type Foundry we see these elements take the form of some of the finest type design around. Eric Olson’s fonts are hardworking, tasteful, and flexible while being anything but mundane. As proof, look around. You’ll see his work everywhere from the Walker Art Center to the New York Times Magazine to Reuter’s latest house style.

Most interestingly, perhaps, is finding his Locator typeface on the cover of Mike Perry’s book The Landscape Between Time and Space (found on his fine new website). Olson’s type manages to mingle with Perry’s work effortlessly, sharing in its quirks but quietly so. A fine nod from an artist known for hand-drawn type.


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