Wheel Printer

By Tom Ran

Published: June 18, 2012 under Design

Mike Abelson filling the ink cartridges for his Wheel Printer.

Photo: Tramnesia

Mike Abelson, founder of Postalco, the Tokyo based stationery and leather goods line will be bringing his hand built printer to New York next month. Abelson’s creation takes inspiration from the wheel, turning the object into a imprinting device rather than a transportation-al instrument. He has devised a printer made out of lumber comprised of multiple wheels producing unpredictable lines, patterns, and shapes. The result of the abstract patterns are then used as covers for a series of notebooks put out by Postalco. The Wheel Printer was recently shown in Milan as part of Wallpaper’s Handmade Exhibition for Salone. It’ll make it’s New York debut at Creatures of Comfort for one week starting July 2nd. Ableson will be on hand to make custom “wheel” prints. Watch a recent presentation he did for Pecha Kucha Tokyo on the evolution of the Wheel Printer.

Postalco Wheel Printer
Temporary Printshop and Exhibition
Creatures of Comfort New York
July 2nd – July 10th 2012
205 Mulberry Street, NY.

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Nordic Nomad Chair

By Tom Ran

Published: May 24, 2012 under Design

The Nordic Nomad Chair assembled and collapsed for easy transport.

Photo: Bjarke Frederiksen

Though the concept behind Bjarke Frederiksen’s Nordic Nomad Chair is more about liberating oneself from societal trappings rather than leisure outings, its stylish design more than justifies it as an exceptional tool for any camping trip. Frederiksen’s creation is an elegant version of a knapsack on a stick. Only this transforms into a chair with storage. The chair has three distinctive functions, sitting, storing, and walking. Every piece has a dual purpose. The leather straps hold the chair together and is also used as shoulder straps when it’s collapsed. The longest pole doubles as a walking stick while the seat transforms into a backpack with additional storage space. Unfortunately the chair is only a prototype and has not been mass produced for the general public. But with enough interest, we may soon see this manufactured.

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Design Week NYC

By Tom Ran

Published: May 11, 2012 under Design

Mondo Cane at Partners & Spade

Photo: Partners & Spade

ICFF has returned and with it Design Week NYC. It’s actually unclear when Design Week starts and ends but events hover around the duration of ICFF which is from May 19-22. Pop Up shops, temporary showrooms and galleries are all happening during the 5 plus days. Most of the attention will be surrounding the third annual NoHo Design District organized by Sight Unseen’s Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer. Here are some of the highlights.

- Roll & Hill temporary showroom at 2 Cooper Square
- Hotel California at The Standard East Village
- Mondocane presents an exhibition of historically relevant children’s chairs at Partners & Spade.
- Areaware at 22 Bond

Other events in the area also include Makeshift (May 15-19). A series of workshops that include Alabama Chanin, Billy Reid, Krrb, Hugo & Marie, Partners & Spade, Maria Cornejo & CFDA.

If that’s not enough, Core 77 will also be in the area with The First Annual Core77 Open (May 18-22). It will feature 5 designers from the 5 boroughs exhibiting 25 pieces in all.

And just as they do every year, Core 77 has a list of all the other events happening throughout the city for Design Week.

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Carl Auböck: The Workshop, 1930–1970

By Tom Ran

Published: May 4, 2012 under Design

Objects from the workshop.

Photo: powerHouse Books

Though Carl Auböck is widely known and admired in the design world, we’ve been wondering when he would receive the attention that has been bestowed on Dieter Rams or the Eames. As product designers, Rams and the Eames have reached the recognition on a mass market level. Maybe that’s because their products are so adaptable to today’s environments, or that their products are still being manufactured and are so widely emulated. Auböck’s designs on the other hand are more classical, the materials he used, brass, leather, wood and horn, can’t be updated with plastics. His popularity may soon change as powerHouse Books is about to release a book based on Auböck’s body of work from 1930–1970. The book takes us into three generations of the Auböcks and showcases many rare pieces that are no longer manufactured. Carl Auböck: The Workshop, 1930–1970 is set to be released this fall.

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D.E Office

By Tom Ran

Published: April 30, 2012 under Design

Daniel and Emma objects for the desk.

Photo: Daniel.Emma

Daniel To and Emma Aiston are the duo behind D.E, a design studio founded in London that now resides in their native Australia. Their work has been featured in numerous publications in the last couple of years with the most prominent being their office supply collection. Simple, colorful and restrained, these functional objects double as desktop sculptures. The shapes and use of color sees influence from Memphis Design without the Post Modern / 1980’s association. The collection currently consists of 9 pieces including a cork cone display that resembles an inverted ice cream cone. Prices range from $65-$220. You can purchase them directly from D.E.

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Wooden Giants

By Tom Ran

Published: February 22, 2012 under Design

Wooden Giants designed by Postler Ferguson

Photo: Papafoxtrot

Call these ships what you will, sculptures, models or toys, we just think they’re incredibly cool. Our good friend Erik Marinovich, one fourth of Friends of Type, turned us onto these “Wooden Giants” designed by Martin Postler & Ian Ferguson of Postlerferguson. The Emma Maersk, Arctic Princess and TI Asia are vessels modeled after the largest cargo ships in the world. They’ve all been scaled down, spanning 12"-16," with each packaged and ready to be assembled. These former prototypes are now in production and can be purchased through Papa Foxtrot.

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Alya Kazakevich

By Raven Keller
Alya Kazakevich in her shop in the Lower East Side

Photo: Rose Callahan

On a damp and muggy summer morning on the Lower East Side, Alya Kazakevich slowly stitched up the edges of a leather coin purse and recalled her childhood in Eastern…

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By Tom Ran
Partners Robert Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler

Photo: Samuel Bristow

Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith, are the partners behind Workstead. The two met at Rhode Island School of Design while studying architecture and opened their studio in 2009,…

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M.Nii John Moore

By Tom Ran
M.Nii Tailor, Waianae, Hawaii 1959

Photo: Tom McBride

The photo is one of the few relics that remain of M.Nii’s history. An image that recalls the golden age of American surf culture. Three friends in front…

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