By Tom Ran

Published: March 30, 2012 under Fashion & Style

Photo: Rose Callahan for Park & Bond

For several years I’ve been keeping a low profile, hiding behind The Scout, opting to have the stories of the people we write about be the focus of attention. But when Park & Bond approached me to answer a few questions, I couldn’t resist. I was reassured when they told me that Rose Callahan was assigned for the shoot. Rose has been an integral part of our operation, photographing many of our early stories including Billykirk and Roman & Williams. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, visit her Dandy Portraits series to get a glimpse of her talent. And if you’re inclined to read about my opinion on pinstripe suits and Hiroki Nakamura, head over to Park and Bond now.


said at 2pm
March 30, 2012

Great interview. Digging that scarf too!

said at 4pm
March 31, 2012

love this. esp the tags on the post ;)

said at 6pm
April 2, 2012


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