The Hill-Side & Co.

By Tom Ran

Published: May 30, 2012 under Fashion & Style

The Hill-Side Co. collection

Photo: James Wilson

The Hill-Side Co. collection

We attended the opening last night but missed the photo op so we’ll have to lean on Secret Forts to help with this post (James I hope you don’t mind). The Hill-Side launched an unprecedented collection incorporating their fabrics from past and current seasons with labels that are stocked at Hickoree’s Hard Goods. The outcome was not one, or two, or even five brands The Hill-Side collaborated with, but twenty three! Brands like Dana Lee, Drifter, Fairends, Gitman Vintage, Outlier, Quality Mending Co. and many others were part of the collection. The line consists of jackets, shirts, pants, jeans, bags, and even furniture and chocolate. Though clothing and accessories are the focus of attention, Sit & Read and Mast Brothers Chocolate are also included. The Hill-Side & Co. collection will be available online and at the shop starting tomorrow. Head over to Secret Forts for more details.


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