Bench & Loom

Fashion & Style

We look to actors, writers, photographers and athletes from years past as style icons. Names like Steve McQueen and Earnest Hemingway are on the top of many lists. They were men that not only portrayed a rugged life but lived it. But there are others like Robert Capa and Giacomo Agostini that share in their lifestyle that are not part of the same conversation. Bench & Loom, a mens focused clothier, is here to shine light on those guys as well. They are an online retailer first and foremost carrying brands like Mister Freedom, Garbstore, Brooks of England, and Sugar Cane Light to name a few, but their approach is slightly different. Bench & Loom brought together aspects of a physical brick and mortar and combined it with a strong editorial presence. The Specialty Shop operates similar to a popup shop, featuring items for a period of time. While the Men of Character, Worshops, and their Livewell blog gives insight into the brands they carry as well as cultivating a rugged yet stylish lifestyle. Last fall they hosted a survey and asked their customers what they would like to see reproduced in a program they called The Phoenix Project. Up for discussion was a denim jacket, a field jacket worn by director George Stevens, and a ranch coat worn by James Dean. Needless to say, the ranch coat won by a overwhelming majority of votes. Bench & Loom are now working with Japanese label Stevenson Overall Co. to reproduce the coat. Only 30 of Jett Rink’s coat will be produced and can be pre-ordered now. Be sure to visit their blog where they’ve compiled a listing of off the travel guide activities in their Unique Events Calendar.