Kapital Spring 2014

By Tom Ran

Published: March 14, 2014 under Fashion & Style

Kapital at Hickoree's

Photo: Eric Kvatek

Kapital at Hickoree's

Kapital has been one of the more exciting brands to come out of Japan. Though the line was founded in 1984 it’s been slow to make its way over to the States. The quality of manufacturing and their take on traditional workwear has caught the eyes of many fans and the limited availability has only elevated it to cult like status. This image was propelled by Eric Kvatek’s photographs season after season through Kapital’s campaigns and look books. But that aura dissipated after the screening of Kapital World, a behind the scenes look at their Spring 2014 photo shoot. The film broke down the mystique to reveal the process of a small and tight knit crew built on friendship and admiration. The premier was hosted by Hickorees, one of the few shops in the US to carry Kapital. Their spring collection just arrived and is available online and in store. Kapital is currently looking to take the documentary on the road and are planning on future screenings.


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