By Tom Ran

Published: May 24, 2013 under Fashion & Style

Various looks from KNOWWHERE


KNOWWEAR just may be the future of online shopping. The site is not affiliated to any brand or retail outlet, and because of this they operate independently. Just like magazines this gives them limitless possibilities in how they style their looks. By pairing known and lesser known brands they’re able to create a distinctive perspective. But unlike magazines you’re a click away from purchasing that Fleece Anorak from Shades of Grey.

KNOWWEAR launched late last month by creative agency KNOWUSE. Their background in digital, marketing, production and editorial were the perfect culmination in developing KNOWWEAR. They approach each look from an editorial eye by working with stylists, photographers, and collaborators. A new look is published every day, styled from head to toe. Every item includes detailed information and links to various retailers to shop from.

We’ll be keeping an eye on how the site evolves and the inevitable influence this will have in editorial and commerce.

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Sleepy Jones

By Tom Ran

Published: April 19, 2013 under Fashion & Style

Sleepy Jones by Andy Spade

Photo: Sleepy Jones

After his departure from Jack Spade, Andy Spade took a hiatus from the apparel industry and moved into a storefront on Great Jones to refocus his attention on Partners & Spade with Anthony Sperduti. Taking on his experience as an ad exec he and Sperduti helped to launch and guide big and small brands that included Warby Parker, Harry’s, Boast, and J.Crew. Along with a Jack Spade vet, Andy Spade returns with a new apparel line called Sleepy Jones made up of pajamas, boxers, socks and t-shirts for men and women. Though the name suggests night time wear, it’s made for all day lounging. So you can imagine yourself as Picasso, leisurely sipping on a glass of wine while painting your next masterpiece. Or if you’re confident enough, do what Schnabel does and go out to dinner in your pj’s. Don’t fancy yourself as an artist? It’s just as appropriate for the less art-inclined. See more of Sleepy Jones and Spades’s wit and humor on their site.

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Sam Hill

By Tom Ran

Published: March 27, 2013 under Fashion & Style

Sam Hill at the Helm Showroom

Photo: Michael Muller

Local 172 was a stuff made of legends. During its launch in 2011 it garnered a lot of attention buoyed by the press promising a shop stocked with vintage Ralph Lauren, Pendleton, L.L. Bean, Woolrich and others. The store rarely opened and was available by appointment only. Meanwhile their tumblr teased us with their abundant finds. Then quietly, without much notice, they left their lofty Tribeca space and moved to the Garment District, where they presumably still operate. For some, it was the best vintage Americana shop that they never knew existed.

Now comes word about a similar shop based in Austin. Sam Hill, launched by Kyle Muller last July, began popping up in retail spaces, restaurants, and music venues, including Billy Reid and Stag. Open for a few days or even hours at a time and disappearing until the next event. His mobile storefront has been making its rounds and gaining the attention from Austin’s finest. Plans for future venues include a barge. Sam Hill specializes in men’s vintage military, collegiate, and workwear with a focus on American brands like Pendleton, Woolrich, Lee Storm Rider and L.L.Bean. For those that aren’t anywhere near Austin, you can get a taste of Sam Hill’s stock with their newly launched site with inventory constantly being added.

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By Tom Ran

Published: March 26, 2013 under Fashion & Style

UNITED ARROWS Spring Summer 2013 lookbook


We’ve been a fan of UNITED ARROWS casual and refined classic designs for some time now. Unfortunately the label isn’t readily available Stateside. Their lookbooks may be the closest you will get to seeing their full line this side of the hemisphere. For Spring/Summer ‘13, UNITED ARROWS took a different approach, rather than the typical slideshow, they styled their own line of men’s and women’s designs with other labels and create a vertical scrolling wall of photos. It’s a mixture of in-studio and on location photographs of what appears to be all shot on film. Accompanying their casual suit and shirt designs, stripes and prints are in abundance. Leopard, floral, and of course camo are seen throughout this season’s collection. View their lookbook here.

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The Times

By Tom Ran

Published: March 18, 2013 under Fashion & Style

The Times, a new apparel line from National Forest.

Photo: The Times

The guys behind LA based design shop, National Forest are over achievers, not to say that’s a bad thing. Their day to day work for clients like Burton, The Standard Hotel, Target, and many others aren’t enough to satisfy their creative desires. The founding partners are consistently showing in galleries locally and internationally. And now they’ve gone and launched a new apparel brand this past weekend. The line is called The Times, short for These Are The Times. For those that are familiar with National Forest’s work, you will recognize recurring themes, iconography, and typography with a healthy dose of humor. Cosmic pretzels, googly eyes, and coastal imagery are just some of the designs laid out on t-shirts and sweatshirts. Visit The Times to see more from their inaugural season.

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J.Crew on Films

By Tom Ran

Published: March 12, 2013 under Fashion & Style

You may have noticed that things have gotten really quiet in this here parts. For the past six months I’ve been working on a project with J.Crew and, helping to produce a series of short films to celebrate the brand’s quality initiative. Today sees the launch of the first two films as J.Crew travels to Europe to visit the famed Italian mill, Vitale Canonica Barberis and drops in on the factory responsible for their Etta pumps. The stories dive into the personalities behind Barberis and Jenna Lyons’s love affair with shoes. View more after the jump.

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Alya Kazakevich

By Raven Keller
Alya Kazakevich in her shop in the Lower East Side

Photo: Rose Callahan

On a damp and muggy summer morning on the Lower East Side, Alya Kazakevich slowly stitched up the edges of a leather coin purse and recalled her childhood in Eastern…

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By Tom Ran
Partners Robert Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler

Photo: Samuel Bristow

Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith, are the partners behind Workstead. The two met at Rhode Island School of Design while studying architecture and opened their studio in 2009,…

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M.Nii John Moore

By Tom Ran
M.Nii Tailor, Waianae, Hawaii 1959

Photo: Tom McBride

The photo is one of the few relics that remain of M.Nii’s history. An image that recalls the golden age of American surf culture. Three friends in front…

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