The Wait

By Tom Ran

Published: January 29, 2014 under Film

Jena Malone in M. Blash's <i>The Wait</i>

Photo: M. Blash

Jena Malone in M. Blash's The Wait

Though director M. Blash is known mostly for his music video and commercial work he’s also ventured into full length features. His debut, Lying starring ChloĆ« Sivigny and Jena Malone, is a story about a group of women whose social interactions are tested when one is revealed to be a pathological liar. His second film brings the two actress together again. In The Wait, they play two sisters who are confronted with their mother’s death, one believing that she will be resurrected after a mysterious phone call from a psychic while the other opposes the idea. The trailer reveals an ethereal dream-like atmosphere, delicate and ominous. The Wait opens this weekend at Cinema Village in NY and The Downtown Independent in LA.


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