Visual Acoustics

By Tom Ran

Published: January 14, 2009 under Film

Photo: Julius Shulman

Photo: Julius Shulman

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It’s unfortunate that all these great movies are only seen in film festivals. Visual Acoustics The Modernism of Julius Shulman is one we’ll be looking out for. The documentary includes interviews with Frank Gehry, Tom Ford, Ed Ruscha, actress Kelly Lynch, Benedikt Taschen, among others on Shulman’s historic career as an architect photographer.

Born in Brooklyn in 1910, Julius Shulman’s photos have encapsulated the essence of mid-century architecture, even outliving some of these iconic structures. Shulman is still working to this day at the age of 98. Watch the trailer here.


said at 2pm
January 15, 2009

hi eric-
im aileen's friend and co-blogger (ugh, what a lame term) Jana. She linked over to your blog and I saw that you wrote about Visual Acoustics! I saw it last weekend at the PS Film Fest. The content was really fantastic--and while it was definitely a look at modernism in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, it felt more like a exploration of Shulman's character, which was very sweet. At the end, Eric Briker brought out Mr. Shulman who is still sassy as ever in his 90s. I'll be writing a review on it for the blog, shortly.

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