Gary Hustwit Interview on Dwell Mag

By Tom Ran

Published: February 4, 2009 under Film

Objectified logo treatment

Photo: Michael C. Place

Objectified logo treatment

Just a couple of months away from its premiere, Gary Hustwit talks with Dwell magazine about his latest documentary, Objectified. While the film will surely feature beautiful objects and its creators, judging from Hustwit’s interview, a critique on consumer culture will probably be examined as well. When asked “What do you think is most in need of good design?” Hustwit’s responds “There aren’t things in need of good design, just things that shouldn’t be made in the first place. There’s a glut of cheap products that have no thought put into them and are manufactured for the sake of making money, not improving somebody’s life.” Well said Mr. Hustwit, well said.

Objectified premieres in March at South by Southwest.


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