Fresh The Movie

By Aaron Carambula

Published: May 28, 2009 under Film

Photo: Steve Louk

Left Will Allen (urban farmer), right Joel Salatin (sustainable farmer)

Photo: Aaron Carambula

Left Will Allen (urban farmer), right Joel Salatin (sustainable farmer)

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Last night two screenings of Fresh, a film by ana Sofia jones [capitalization hers], took place in Manhattan. The film itself is a success. It shows the ugly truth of industrial agriculture and the state of food and, to our relief, the promise of localized food through the key farmers and thinkers today. Amazingly timely, given the current industrialized pig farming flu pandemic (not the fault of the piggies but of the system), Fresh effectively serves as a visual companion to the life-changing work by Michael Pollan (who appears in the documenary). The movie features luminaries from family farming (Joel Salatin), urban farming (Will Allen), family farm coops, and local supermarkets.

The cinematography has some amazingly artful and editorial moments. Anderson-esque shots of a farmer’s supper. A tight-shot on an industrial farmer’s sad little dog he speaks to the dire state of his business. The daring typographic treatment of the film’s lower-thirds (if you can call them that when they are so big) made me as happy as a pig in mud.

Inspiring, depressing, humorous, and inciting, this is a balanced work that educates and calls for action and not a rant or a fright-fest. While I’d be surprised if it doesn’t make a wider release as it gains notoriety, this movie will certainly make an impact and is required viewing.


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