Somewhere For Beginners

By Tom Ran

Published: September 14, 2010 under Film

A still from Mike Mills's "Beginners"

Photo: Mike Mills

A still from Mike Mills's "Beginners"

Two of the biggest film festivals overlapped by a few days this year, the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. Friends and Directors Bureau associates Sofia Coppola and Mike Mills garnered much attention over the weekend. Coppola made headline news for winning the Golden Lion Prize in Venice for “Somewhere” and Mills received positive review on his third film “Beginners.” In terms of budget and size, both of these films are small by studio standards. Both deal in relationships with family members, father and daughter in “Somewhere” and son and father in “Beginners.” It will be interesting to see how the two parallel once they open to the public. “Somewhere” is scheduled for a December release while no release date has been set for “Beginners.”


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