Pop-Up Magazine


Pop-Up Magazine is far from your traditional magazine. You won’t be flipping through pages, wrestling with subscription inserts or bypassing ads. Instead, it’s an experience shared with an audience, a one night event that takes place on stage with guests ranging from writers, directors, to artists. Since its inception in April 2009 it has gained more and more attention with every release. Each event is given an issue number, all of which have taken place at various theaters throughout San Francisco. On May 11th it will make its way to New York. Pop-Up Magazine teams up with ESPN Magazine to bring you The Live Issue with filmmaker Alex Gibney (Freakonomics, Taxi to the Dark Side), writer Williman Finnegan (New Yorker), artist Andrew Kuo, Radiolab producer Pat Walters, and many others. The Live Issue will take place at Skirball Center, tickets are on sale now.