Coloni Seeds

By Tom Ran

Published: April 24, 2014 under Home

Harvest Noon from Coloni's SS 2014 collection

Photo: Miscellaneous

Harvest Noon from Coloni's SS 2014 collection

Coloni the Swedish based garden house creates designer seed collections that encourages indoor gardening. They’re made for, but not limited to those with no access to outdoor gardens, i.e., almost all of New York City. The seeds are a careful mixture selected from desert and arid Mediterranean climates that are ideal for indoor care. With names as alluring as Harvest Noon, Early Shades, and Into the Night they’re in a category of their own. The packaging is as important as the product itself. Each set comes with an essential vile of seeds from various floral species and care instructions all wrapped up in a superbly designed package. They’re currently available online at Miscellaneous in Amsterdam. (via Another Something)


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