Makr Tumblers

By Tom Ran

Published: May 19, 2014 under Living

Makr's Tumblers come in three different sizes.

Photo: Makr

What may seem at odds with other companies fall right into place with Makr. They began as a leather goods brand that organically evolved to include products for the home. Makr’s elegant and restraint in design permeates through all of their products to create a cohesive collection. Whether it be a wallet, backpack, or magazine rack or shelf, Makr’s aesthetic integrates perfectly within their offering. They recently added to their line of home accessories, a set of hand turned copper tumblers. The tumblers are made from food grade copper and come in three different shapes and sizes. Use them for your drinks or as a desktop organizer.

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Green Fingers

By Tom Ran

Published: June 6, 2013 under Living

Green Fingers in Tokyo

Photo: Green Fingers

Satoshi Kawamoto, doesn’t just have a green thumb, he has Green Fingers. The proprietor of several garden shops in Tokyo, is first and foremost a garden stylist. His overgrown rustic and lush gardens with layers of multiple plant species have the hallmarks of a western garden rather than the tranquil, minimal and orderly rock gardens of Japan. This style has brought the attention to many and has given him the opportunity to venture into other areas. He’s designed store interiors, exhibited his work, written multiple columns for Japanese publications, and operates four Green Fingers shops in Tokyo. Kawamoto recently released his third book “Deco Room with Plants” in Japan where he explores the myriad of ways to style your home with plants and to bring a little of the outdoors, indoors. You can find a copy at Inventory.

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Hudson Made

By Tom Ran

Published: October 16, 2012 under Living

Rebel With a Cause stationery set packaged by Hudson Made.

Photo: Hudson Made

If you’re a long time reader of The Scout, you’re familiar with our love affair with the Catskills and the Hudson Valley. Not only is it an ideal escape from the city but it also consists of some of the most talented artisans in the state. That’s why when Hudson Made unveiled itself over the summer we were intrigued by its development. They released their line of Fancy Black Soaps made in the Castskills as their initial offering but always had plans to feature other artisans from the region. Last week saw the opening of their online store featuring products for the home and office as well as vintage finds from their travels to flea markets. Hudson Made offers products from the region and beyond that share a philosophy that is rooted in craftsmanship and character. Cutting board oils from Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co., wooden spoons from Jonathan Simons, Sara Barner leather goods, and pottery and stoneware from dbO Home are but a few items in their catalog. We’re seeing more and more of these independent online retailers that specialize in small and carefully produced products with an attention to the artisans and we couldn’t be more happier about that.

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The Oblique Strategies

By Tom Ran

Published: April 27, 2012 under Living

Details from the Oblique Strategies packaging.

Photo: Eno Shop

Since the inception of twitter, there’s been no shortage of inspirational quotes, triggering thoughts of changing one’s life or work habits. And why wouldn’t it? The 140 character format is conducive to concise and galvanizing messages. It’s a great platform for companies like Behance to spread their method of working more effectively. But before twitter or even the internet, Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt created a deck of cards called The Oblique Strategies to remind themselves and to help others through a creative slump. Though both worked in different fields, Eno the musician and Peter Schmidt the painter, the aphorisms were valid to any creative process. The first edition of the cards came out in 1975, it has been through 5 editions so far and currently contains over 100 “worthwhile dilemmas.” You can purchase the latest edition on Eno’s shop and find out more about the history of the cards on Gregory Taylor’s site. By the way, Brian Eno’s site explicitly says he does not have a twitter account.

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DeKalb Market

By Tom Ran

Published: July 29, 2011 under Living

DeKalb Market

Photo: DeKalb Market

In 2007 the old Albee Square Mall was leveled to make way for new development but construction will not begin for another few years. So what better way to make use of a vacant lot than to have a market? Enter the DeKalb Market, which opened five days ago offering Brooklynites and beyond another space to eat and shop in the great urban outdoors. The organizers made sure to make this venture into a unique destination by creating a space that was more of a community. Vendors are housed in shipping containers, a radio station will be bumping chunes, and Brooklyn Grange and 3rd Ward will be tending to an urban farm. It’s like Marrakesh out there. DeKalb Market is open seven days from 8am to 10pm.

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By Tom Ran

Published: February 18, 2011 under Living

A moment with Sean Ennis

Photo: Saturdays Surf NYC

Looking forward to a three-day weekend. Will make some time to get a cup of coffee at Saturdays.

Enjoying the beautiful work by Saturday London. Clean, elegant, and sophisticated, yes even aspirational but gorgeous.

Wish I could fly to Tokyo to visit Watari Museum’s bookstore On Sundays, and spend the entire day looking through their books.

We’ll be Closed on Monday.

Have a great weekend, spring is about a month away.

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Alya Kazakevich

By Raven Keller
Alya Kazakevich in her shop in the Lower East Side

Photo: Rose Callahan

On a damp and muggy summer morning on the Lower East Side, Alya Kazakevich slowly stitched up the edges of a leather coin purse and recalled her childhood in Eastern…

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By Tom Ran
Partners Robert Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler

Photo: Samuel Bristow

Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith, are the partners behind Workstead. The two met at Rhode Island School of Design while studying architecture and opened their studio in 2009,…

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M.Nii John Moore

By Tom Ran
M.Nii Tailor, Waianae, Hawaii 1959

Photo: Tom McBride

The photo is one of the few relics that remain of M.Nii’s history. An image that recalls the golden age of American surf culture. Three friends in front…

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