The Daily

By Tom Ran

Published: January 11, 2011 under Media

The Daily

Photo: The Daily

The Daily

Word leaked yesterday about the release date of Rupert Murdoch’s iPad only magazine called The Daily. The anticipation has been building since its announcement last year due to a number of key factors. The players, the investment, and the device, collectively made The Daily a highly discussed topic in the publishing world. With 100 writers already on staff the team has been publishing dummy issues sent out to about 1000 readers for testing. Yahoo News reports that Murdoch and Steve Jobs will jointly announce the release next Wednesday at SF MoMA during a press conference. Whether the magazine succeeds or fails will be thoroughly analyzed by the publishing and technology world.

Update: The Daily’s been delayed by several weeks as Apple reconfigures its new payment system on iTunes, according to Wall Street Journal. I guess they have the inside scoop.


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