By Tom Ran

Published: December 8, 2008 under New York

Pied-à-terre's larger two bedroom apartment

Photo: Courtesy of Pied-à-terre

Pied-à-terre's larger two bedroom apartment

Pied-à-terre literally translates to “foot on the ground.” A temporary residence for the stylish traveler on a budget, it is an excellent alternative to some of the hip hotels in the neighborhood. Pied-à-terre operates three properties in the downtown area, all equipped with the necessary amenities including queen sized beds, cable tv, internet hookup, and fully equipped kitchens. Prices range from $150-$190 a night for the smaller apartments in Nolita and LES while another larger two bedroom Nolita apartment is still reasonably priced at $250 – $375 a night. Clean, sparse, and tastefully furnished these apartments are an exceptional place for visitors who want a taste of city life.

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