Stay Wild


There will always be a forum for niche markets and sub-sub-genres on the web no matter how defined your interests are. However, it’s not always the case in the tactile world. The marketplace can be limited in print and media to your interest and a newsstand can only hold so many magazines. But change is on the horizon. Day after day we’re seeing launches of new magazine that are becoming more niche. Coming out of Portland, Oregon is Stay Wild, a new quarterly that combines “the wonder of travel, the excitement of action sports, and the beauty of outdoor lifestyle.” It’s the first of its kind and most impressive of all, it’s free. The first issue features and interview with Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes of Land, wild boar hunting in the jungles of Oahu, American hiking boots made in China, and profiles on motorcycle riding, moped loving, and surfing adventurists. The first printed issue is out now in selected shops, but for those who can’t find a copy, there’s always the web. The entirety of issue one is published on Issuu. via Cool Hunting