By Tom Ran

Published: March 29, 2013 under Science

MC10's Biostamp

Photo: Dezeen

It’s been said that science fiction no longer exist because everything that we’ve ever dreamt up has already happened or is in progress of happening. This is further proof. On first take, John Rogers’s Biostamp looks incredibly sinister, something out of George Lucas’s THX 1138 or any dystopian future where humans are tagged and monitored. On the contrary, this technology is used for good. Rogers and his firm MC10 have created a temporary tattoo that adheres to your wrist. It is capable of tracking your temperature, hydration and strain. Beyond the medical uses this technology can also be utilized by athletes in training to assist in optimizing their performance through data. It’s easy to see how this has commercial application to it. And it makes sense since MC10 is no stranger to consumer products, they already have their own FuelBand product as well as a Sports Impact Indicator on the way in partnership with Reebok. This is just another chapter along the way to the future. (via Dezeen)

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The Last Pictures

By Tom Ran

Published: August 7, 2012 under Science

"Earthrise" taken by Apollo 8 astronaut, William A. Anders.

Photo: NASA

The lifespan of a communication satellite that orbits the earth is anywhere between 10-15 years. After its energy is depleted it will stay in space till the end of time rendering it space junk. But next month, artist and author Trevor Plagan in partnership with Creative Time will give new life into a satellite well after it dies in a new project called The Last Pictures. They will be sending a disc of images into space this September with Echostar XVI. For the past four years, Plagan has been interviewing scientists, anthropologists, philosophers and artists in order to select the images that represents humanity for anyone in the distant future to see. Photos range from mankind’s greatest achievements to nature’s destructive forces. The gold plated silicon disc was inspired by Carl Sagan’s Golden Record, a similar experiment done through analog recordings that accompanied Voyager. Plagan will run a series of lectures in the U.S. with leading scientists and philosophers to discuss the project. The first lecture will be held at the New York Public Library on September 16 to coincide with the launch of Echostar XVI.

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Alya Kazakevich

By Raven Keller
Alya Kazakevich in her shop in the Lower East Side

Photo: Rose Callahan

On a damp and muggy summer morning on the Lower East Side, Alya Kazakevich slowly stitched up the edges of a leather coin purse and recalled her childhood in Eastern…

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By Tom Ran
Partners Robert Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler

Photo: Samuel Bristow

Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith, are the partners behind Workstead. The two met at Rhode Island School of Design while studying architecture and opened their studio in 2009,…

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M.Nii John Moore

By Tom Ran
M.Nii Tailor, Waianae, Hawaii 1959

Photo: Tom McBride

The photo is one of the few relics that remain of M.Nii’s history. An image that recalls the golden age of American surf culture. Three friends in front…

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