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By Aaron Carambula

Published: June 25, 2009 under Talks

Feast Logo & exterior of Meet at the Apartment

Photo: Nathan Kraxberger

Feast Logo & exterior of Meet at the Apartment

Perhaps innovation in a climate such as this, can—must—move beyond flavored malt beverages and deliver meaningful, impactful ideas. Maybe the boardroom isn’t the right venue. This is where The Feast comes in.

Something like TED for the rest of us or a large-scale take on Johnston’s Glass house salons, The Feast is about putting people with ideas and passion—maybe a passion for investing—in a room together.

The programming breaks down into a conference (comprised of conference, kitchen, and workshop) and events (dinners, salons, and workshops). Each has it’s own pricing structure, the most interesting being the conference and kitchen wherein one may either apply for a $99 slot with a big idea pitch or pay more, $250+, to be a microsponser. That is to say that serious, unfunded thinkers and savvy financiers have a forum to find each other over an idea mash-up session.

Salons are conversations hosted by the likes of Josh Rubin from Cool Hunting, William Drentell of Winterhouse, and Dr. Irwin Redlener of the Children’s Health Fund, fueled by wine and snacks. Workshops will enjoy the hospitality of Meet at the Apartment.

Notes from last year’s Feast Conference can be found on Swiss Miss.

The Feast Conference, Kitchen, and Workshop
October 1 & 2

The Feast Salons and Workshops
June 29th (this coming Monday), and various dates through the summer.


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