Timberframing at Beaver Brook

By Tom Ran

Published: April 2, 2014 under Outdoors

Timberframing class at Beaver Brook

Photo: Beaver Brook

Take your outdoor obsession to new heights with Beaver Brook’s “Learn Wild” classes. The private forest commune started by Zach Klein will be conducting a workshop for people who want to learn the art of cabin building. Tom Bonamici, a designer, builder and the co-founder of Archival Clothing, will be the host. The program will span nine days and by the end of it all you’ll be able to “design, lay out, and build a simple gable roofed timberframe.” Timberframing starts on August 2nd, room and board is included as well as the necessary tools. All you’ll need is to get yourself to NYC where Tom will transport you and the crew to Beaver Brook. At $1800 for the workshop and only five spaces available, the class has already been filled. However, you can still apply for the waiting list in case anyone bails. (via Friends of Type)

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Under the Skin

By Tom Ran

Published: April 1, 2014 under Film

Scarlett Johansson stars in Under the Skin

Photo: A24

Jonathan Glazer returns to the big screen after nearly a decade away. His latest feature, Under the Skin, opens this Friday and stars Scarlett Johansson as a seductive otherworldly being who descends to earth in search of her male victims. The trailer gives us a glimpse into this surreal scifi. Glazer’s direction has been compared to Stanley Kubrick’s work primarily his groundbreaking film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The concentric form reminiscent of Hal, the austere white spaces, and reflective lighting are all iconic imagery that Kubrick owns. A24, the American distributor has created a series of mini sites that leads you down an abstract path beginning with t0uch-me. Under the Skin makes its New York premier tonight at BAM followed by a Q&A with Jonathan Glazer, unfortunately the event is sold out. The film opens in NY and LA on Friday and in selected cities on the 11th.

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Stay Wild

By Tom Ran

Published: March 31, 2014 under Publishing

Stay Wild issue 1

Photo: Stay Wild

There will always be a forum for niche markets and sub-sub-genres on the web no matter how defined your interests are. However, it’s not always the case in the tactile world. The marketplace can be limited in print and media to your interest and a newsstand can only hold so many magazines. But change is on the horizon. Day after day we’re seeing launches of new magazine that are becoming more niche. Coming out of Portland, Oregon is Stay Wild, a new quarterly that combines “the wonder of travel, the excitement of action sports, and the beauty of outdoor lifestyle.” It’s the first of its kind and most impressive of all, it’s free. The first issue features and interview with Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes of Land, wild boar hunting in the jungles of Oahu, American hiking boots made in China, and profiles on motorcycle riding, moped loving, and surfing adventurists. The first printed issue is out now in selected shops, but for those who can’t find a copy, there’s always the web. The entirety of issue one is published on Issuu. via Cool Hunting

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hobo presents PROJECT TRUCK

By Tom Ran

Published: March 28, 2014 under Outdoors

hobo presents PROJECT TRUCK - a collection of backpacks

Photo: Vendor

Truck, the Osaka based furniture maker is venturing into backpacks. They’ve collaborated with hobo, a Japanese accessories brand, to improve upon their existing line of backpacks they created with Araitent. The collection comes in four styles and colorways. The designs are reminiscent of Yvon Chouinard’s early backpacks and other packs from the golden age of climbing gear. Vendor has created a short film with a visit to Truck’s Osaka workshop. The backpacks will be available through Vendor and Truck starting March 29th.

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A Shed In New York with Makers & Brothers

Published: March 27, 2014 under Craft

James Carroll will be hosting a workshop at A Shed in New York organized by Makers & Brothers

Photo: Makers & Brothers

Makers & Brothers were first introduced to us a couple of years ago at NoHo Design. The Irish based retailer shares our love of craft and the quality in everyday life objects. Though they primarily operate online they also manage an outpost out of their modern shed in Dublin. This May, during Design Week, Makers and Brothers will be returning with “A Shed in New York.” They’ll be rebuilding their tin shed in the garden of The Standard, East Village. The outpost will include a selection of Irish design craft and a workshop hosted by James Carroll. He’ll be carving wooden spoons with locally sourced wood. “A Shed in New York” will take place May 15th to the 20th. We’ll be sure to remind you as the date draws closer.

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Stephen Powers Drawings

By Tom Ran

Published: March 26, 2014 under Art

A sample illustration from Stephen Powers.

Photo: Stephen Powers

Stephen Powers, the lyrical wordsmith known for his Love Letter murals to cities and bodega-like signs has shown publicly, on the streets, and privately, in galleries for well over a decade. Though Jeffrey Deitch exhibited his work throughout the aughts he was never represented by any gallery. So he’s been able to take on art sales on his own, managing the prices himself through his Icy Signs shop in Brooklyn and online through newsletters. Yesterday he sent out an email offering hand sketches in his familiar style of clustered phrases. Powers is a master of quotable nuggets like “your ever after is all I’m after” or “everything is shit except you my love.” His word phrases are filled with blocky lettering, supplemented with literal and figurative illustrations. He’s selling his sketches for $500 a piece. Email him at if you’re interested.

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Alya Kazakevich

By Raven Keller
Alya Kazakevich in her shop in the Lower East Side

Photo: Rose Callahan

On a damp and muggy summer morning on the Lower East Side, Alya Kazakevich slowly stitched up the edges of a leather coin purse and recalled her childhood in Eastern…

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By Tom Ran
Partners Robert Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler

Photo: Samuel Bristow

Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith, are the partners behind Workstead. The two met at Rhode Island School of Design while studying architecture and opened their studio in 2009,…

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M.Nii John Moore

By Tom Ran
M.Nii Tailor, Waianae, Hawaii 1959

Photo: Tom McBride

The photo is one of the few relics that remain of M.Nii’s history. An image that recalls the golden age of American surf culture. Three friends in front…

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