Ernesto Neto: anthropodino


Nylon stalactites. Biomorphic spice sacks. Pools of plastic balls. These are some ways to begin describing Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto’s installation, anthropodino, that launches Park Avenue Armory’s series of site-specific commissions. To begin only; one truly needs to experience this multi-sensory interactive environment in person to gain any sense of what it is.

Comprised of hundreds of yards of stretched Lycra tulle and over 1,600 pounds of cumin, lavender, ginger, tumeric and other aromatic spices, anthropodino transforms the imposing Drill Hall (one of the city’s vastest interior spaces) into an engaging playground that invites visitors to wander, lie down, kick off their shoes, jump in, or simply stand back and take it all in.

Curated by Tom Eccles, the installation will be on view until June 14.