The Bacon Tour

By David Tez

Photo: Staff

From time to time, The Scout will feature interborough food tours designed as culinary and geographic explorations of our fair city. Each has been field tested, in a single day,…

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The Tenenbaums

By Siobhan Vivian

Photo: Staff

The Royal Tenenbaums is Wes Anderson’s visual love letter to New York. Though never explicitly named, the film presents a stunningly constructed pastiche of the quirky, the kitschy and the…

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Muppets Take Brooklyn

Film & Theater July 28, 6PM - 11PM
Jim Henson & the Muppets

Photo: Jim Henson Foundation; BAM

Jim Henson fans will be pleased to hear that BAM is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Muppet Movie with back-to-back presentations tonight (Tuesday, 7/28). The first is an overview of the master’s work, Muppets History 201, which includes rarely seen shorts from the Henson archives. Follows is the headliner, The Muppet Movie, which opens with an even more rare screening of Time Piece, Henson’s 1965 Academy Award-nominated experimental short film.


Died Young, Stayed Pretty

Rock Poster Show and Documentary
Art July 16 - July 23
Died Young, Stayed Pretty Rock Poster Show

Photo: 303Grand

A bit short notice, but we wanted to announce an interesting pair of upcoming events. Opening tonight at 303Grand, the Died Young, Stayed Pretty Rock Poster Show rides shot gun with Eileen Yaghoobian’s documentary of the same name. The event is sponsored by Giant Robot and Kayrock Screenprinting.


No Soul For Sale

X Initiative
Art June 24 - June 28
No Soul For Sale, A Festival of Independents

Photo: Javier Jaen Benavides; X Initiative

X Initiative opens the second of its seasonal phases, No Soul For Sale, A Festival of Independents, to the public today. The event is the product of inviting thirty esteemed arts organizations from all over the world to transform spaces in the X Building however they like: be it with art, publications, performances, videos, or any other way they choose to work with the space. In addition, each is given an hour to have free reign of a dedicated performance area. A full list of participants and details can be found here.


Recess: The Lawn Series

Governor's Island
Fairs June 20 - September 26
Recess Badminton

Photo: Rizon Parein; Courtesy Recess

While we may long for the days when we could say “school is out for summer,” we can still indulge in the occasional Recess. Partnering with Tretorn, Puma and Governor’s Island, Recess offers us The Lawn Series, new and improved grown-up twists on the old classics with three events: Badminton (June 20), Table Tennis (August 22) and Bocce (September 26). Find out more and sign up here.


Spencer Finch: The River That Flows Both Ways

The High Line
Art June 9 - December 31
Spencer Finch, The River That Flows Both Ways

Photo: CreativeTime

We heard Spencer Finch speak last spring about his anticipated installation for the High Line, The River That Flows Both Ways, and really liked his thinking. The installation opened simultaneously with the long-awaited unveiling of the first section of the High Line to the public this Tuesday, June 9.


Food Inc.

Bell House
Film & Theater June 10, 3PM - 7PM

Photo: Food, Inc.

Along the same lines as Fresh, Food Inc. gives us a close, maybe too close, look at the food we eat and where it comes from. Definitely more Michael Moore than the relatively upbeat Fresh, this one might leave you wanting some comfort food (as long as it’s local, organic, sustainable, and green).