The Bacon Tour

By David Tez

Photo: Staff

From time to time, The Scout will feature interborough food tours designed as culinary and geographic explorations of our fair city. Each has been field tested, in a single day,…

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The Tenenbaums

By Siobhan Vivian

Photo: Staff

The Royal Tenenbaums is Wes Anderson’s visual love letter to New York. Though never explicitly named, the film presents a stunningly constructed pastiche of the quirky, the kitschy and the…

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By Tom Ran
Ben Lavely, Peter Buchanan-Smith, and Hunter Craighill in the fort.

Photo: Daniel Bernauer

As a boy, there are few things in life one wants more than a tree house or a fort… as a man the dream can fade, but never really dies. Peter Buchanan-Smith, the founder of Best Made Co. has realized his secret fort—a place in the woods that welcomes him to sleep under the stars, cook meals over an open fire, chop down trees, wander through the forest or read a book in a three story fort made of solid timber.

Welcome to Lumberland.