The Bacon Tour

By David Tez

Photo: Staff

From time to time, The Scout will feature interborough food tours designed as culinary and geographic explorations of our fair city. Each has been field tested, in a single day,…

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The Tenenbaums

By Siobhan Vivian

Photo: Staff

The Royal Tenenbaums is Wes Anderson’s visual love letter to New York. Though never explicitly named, the film presents a stunningly constructed pastiche of the quirky, the kitschy and the…

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The Way We Live - Luke Scarola & Rebecca Squiers

The Way We Live
By Tom Ran
Luke Scarola and Rebecca Squiers, the proprietors of Luddite at home with their son Jude.

Photo: Tuukka Koski

Luke Scarola and his girlfriend Rebecca Squiers have a gift for uncovering American treasures. They’re the owners of Luddite, a beautiful antique store located on the edge of Greenpoint on Franklin Street. They made a name for themselves within the trade and the general public with their impeccable eye for lighting and furniture – attracting buyers from all over the world from Japan to the Netherlands, to locals looking for a piece of authentic Americana.