Vintage & Antiques

A “luddite” is one who resists progress in technology and industrialization. Luke Scarola and Rebecca Squiers have turned that resistance into a passion, creating a store that honors time-worn artifacts. Their shop is filled with objects that have a quiet sense of heroism-sharing a history that’s respectable, built to last, and more lovable with a little tarnish. The store is stocked with chemistry glass, anchors, chairs, handkerchiefs, old signs and more, from the from the first half of the 20th century. Hundred year old mirror-plated lamps cast a warm glow. Vintage military flags are noble reminders of bravery from another era.

Luke and Rebecca spend countless hours scouring the North East to find the perfect items, and their collection has drawn interest from the Ace Hotel, Freemans, and Vinegar Hill House. In addition to the retail business, Scarola & Squiers do interior design consulting. Their most recent project is The Smile, a cafe by Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman, the duo behind the Lobby Bar at the The Jane Hotel.

Luddite is located in Williamsburg, down the block from Marlow & Sons and Peter Luger. Visit them Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 7:00 pm.